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A fast-developing idea was starting to form when Philippe and Sheri Hasson noticed a gap in the South African footwear market. While other retailers invested more into high fashion items, we focused our attention back to the human foot. Asking ourselves what people want from their shoe, we concentrated our efforts into three main design elements, Practicality, Versatilities, and Comfort.

We are motivated by creating the most sustainable product through simple designs and high-quality manufacturing. Pushing the boundaries using traditional silhouette to appeal to all South Africans is a challenge that ZOOM welcomes with each and every collection.

Men and Women in South Africa work hard with their hands and feet, therefore we aim to create a product that adds value to their lifestyle.

Zoom needed manufacturers that valued the high quality and detail in their shoes. Having the initial ide born in South Africa, it was only fitting we produce our shoes in South Africa, by South Africans, for South Africans.

Pulling inspiration from a wide spectrum, our identity and our home will always be imbedded into our product.

Why Shop With Us ?

Businesses have more responsibility than just to maximize profits – they have a responsibility to the planet and to the community. Zoom Shoes contributes to creating a South Africa we are all proud of. A life, full of unforgettable memories inspired by a place like no other. Read more about our impact…

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