How to order online?

Click on one of our product categories (Women, Men, Accessories). Select the style you would like to buy, select your colour (if relevant) and then size. Click “add to Basket”. To continue shopping and checkout later, close the basket pop up or instead click checkout to buy your selected item right away.

What payment methods are available?

Once you have clicked “checkout” you will be asked to confirm your delivery and billing details. You will then be asked to choose a payment method (Card or secure EFT; both Via our payment Gateway)

·        We accept the following Credit Cards:

·        Visa

·        MasterCard

Payment using your credit card is quick and simple. Follow the steps in the payment process until you are required to enter your credit card details. You should then receive a “payment confirmed” message and email.

·        We accept Bank Deposit: (Cash at the bank, or EFT via electronic banking). Contact us to make arrangements to pay this way

If I choose to pay via Bank Deposit (Cash or EFT), how long do I have to make payment?

You have 24 hours from the time you place your order to make a manual payment (EFT or direct deposit). If you do not make payment within that time-frame, your order will be automatically cancelled. Should you not make payment, you will be notified via e-mail that your order has been cancelled.

How long until I receive my item(s)?

All orders are shipped within 2-4 business days from placing an order. The date you receive your order will depend on whether you live in a regional area (50Km within city centre) and also on your payment method. Credit Card payments are instant, but please note that we only dispatch orders made via Secure EFT (Paygate) or bank deposit nce the full amount reflects in our bank account.

Zoom Online uses Berco Express to deliver all items. We have a fixed delivery rate depending on the region.

Does Zoom Online ship outside of South Africa?

Unfortunately we cannot currently process online orders from countries other than South Africa.

How to return or exchange item(s)

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange or return your item, as long as it complies with Zoom Footwear Online exchange and return policy.

Are my personal and card details safe Online?

Zoom Online is proud to offer our customers a fully secure shopping environment.

Credit Card payments are processed via a payment gateway called PayGate. The process is completely electronic and no card details are viewed or shared.

We are also committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. We do not share any of our customer’s personal information with any third parties.

Why is my order showing payment failed?

You could be receiving a payment failed message for a few reasons.

·        You do not have sufficient funds on the card used to pay for the selected item(s).

·        Your internet browser is old. Zoom Online uses the newest versions of internet browsers

·        Your card details are incorrect, try entering them again.

How can I change/cancel my order?

Unfortunately, once an order has been shipped, it cannot be changed or cancelled. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you will have the option of returning/exchanging

Should you wish to change or cancel an order, please contact Zoom Online as soon as possible to check the status of your order. Unfortunately we cannot change existing orders, but once your original order has been cancelled, you can place a new order for the item you prefer

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